Asakura! P

Asakura! P is an obscure 2d platformer with action, puzzle, and metroidvania elements. I hold the speedrun world records in the any% category (beat the game as fast as possible) and 100% category (collect everything as fast as possible).

To plan the route for the 100% run, I wrote various tools. One of them uses the Z3 SMT solver to figure out the optimal order of each section in the second half of the run.

beatmania IIDX

beatmania IIDX is a vertical-scrolling rhythm game with 7 columns and a turntable.


  • 2020-01-12: Visited first arcade
  • 2020-03-24: Started playing on keyboard
  • 2020-07-15: Switched to Phoenixwan arcade-style controller (Sanwa buttons, 60g springs, 50g Omron switches)
  • 2020-08-03: Rootage SP 7段 clear
  • 2020-10-29: Heroic Verse SP 8段 clear
  • 2020-11-04: Heroic Verse SP 9段 clear
Arcade-style controller for beatmania IIDX


osu! is a rhythm game where you click circles to the beat. I started playing in 2011, peaking at a rank of #618 out of a few million players in early 2016.


Here is a more recent play from early 2020.

This play used to be #1 in 2016 for over a year, but it has since been beaten several times.

The "Easy" modifier makes circles appear much more in advance, which greatly increases how many circles are shown at the same time. Ironically, this tends to make things much more difficult than normal.


osu!mania is a vertical-scrolling rhythm game, usually with 4 or 7 columns. I primarily play the 4 key variant and got to about rank 9,000.


It features speed...

...finger coordination...

...and scroll speed changes that trick your eyes.


Touhou is a series of bullet hell shoot-em-ups.

First, I completed Touhou 14.3 ~ Impossible Spell Card.

Then I beat the Extra stage of Touhou 6 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

While practicing for the much harder Lunatic mode of Touhou 6, I captured (no-hit no-bomb) the final attack of the last boss.


I'm a huge fan of 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong), a group that does vocal and instrumental arranges of Touhou music. They like to use la in lyrics to "censor" out references to dark or disturbing things such as death. I made a spreadsheet that counts every instance of these la's.

Physical copies of almost all Diao ye zong albums