Baba Is You is a puzzle game where the rules you have to follow are present as physical objects in the game world and can be manipulated. It's my favourite puzzle game.

Custom levels

I created some levels with the in-built level editor. Here they are in chronological order (oldest first). I made a video playlist of the solutions for each of these, mostly so that I don't forget how to complete them.


Level code: QU1E-RVDJ

Screenshot of Algaete

I originally made this in December 2019 (before the official level editor update came out) as part of a small fan game by QOAL. The other levels I contributed were not as good. After the level editor released, I updated the level to be more compact with a slightly trickier solution.

Leftist Hoax

Level code: B34T-IE3F

Screenshot ofLeftist Hoax

This was inspired by an anagram puzzle given by Mindez. It involves some spoiler-y words though, so I don't recommend it until you've beaten most of the levels in the main game.

Clogged Pipe series

The main game has variant levels where a small change is made to a level that then requires a completely different solution. Following this, I tried my hand at making five variations of the same concept: a clogged pipe.

Clogged Pipe

Level code: YK8Y-MVYY

Screenshot of Clogged Pipe

Buggy Pipe

Level code: QNQB-4U7J

Screenshot of Buggy Pipe

Clogged Pipe, Again?

Level code: JRG3-HKDL

Screenshot of Clogged Pipe, Again?

Bent Pipe

Level code: WV6G-TYG8

Screenshot of Bent Pipe

Return of Clogged Pipe

Level code: PNCE-CUQ6

Screenshot of Return of Clogged Pipe